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Rose Gold Sinks PVD Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Factory Black sink Dexing OEM/ODM undermount gold sink single bowl

Short Description:

●Pvd rose gold sink: PVD sink is the use of high temperature color plating, so that the surface of the sink to form different colors, can be black sink, gray sink, gold sink and so on
●PVD process: Our sink wholesale can accept different processes such as vacuum plating, nano oil sealing, surface sandblasting, etc.
●Coating thickness:PVD sinks coating thickness is micron, thin thickness, so it can improve the physical and chemical properties of the workpiece surface without affecting the original size.
●Pvd advantages: pvd sink with surface high temperature resistance, anti scratch, anti corrosion and so on
●Size and color, you can choose different sizes customized, also can do different colors of the sink, such as black sink, rose gold sink, gun gray sink and so on

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Selling Point

Selling Point 1

Vacuum electroplating: The golden sink is to conduct high-temperature electroplating on the stainless steel sink to form different colors on the surface, which can be black sink, gray sink, etc.

Selling Point 2

The handmade sink is polished by welding seams. The rounded corners of R10 make the sink easier to clean. A single sink can have different installation methods, undermount sinks, above-mount sinks, and Taichung-style sinks

Selling Point 3

The rose gold sink is only vacuum electroplating on the surface of the water tank, which does not affect the original water tank structure. The water tank adopts X-ray, and the drainage is faster.

Selling Point 4

Nano oil sealing: pvd color sink is sprayed with nano oil at high temperature, which makes the surface of the gold sink resistant to high temperature and oil stains

Selling Point 5

Gold Sink Features:
The pvd color sink can prevent corrosion, and the surface can effectively block other sticky substances such as oil stains

Selling Point 6

The pvd sink adopts surface sandblasting treatment, which can enhance the surface hardness of the sink, prevent scratches and fall off

Product Parameter Characteristics

Item No,: 5040 Rose Gold Sink Single Bowl
Dimension: 19*15*8 inch/Customized any size
Material: High Quality Stainless Steel 304
Thickness: 1.0mm/ 1.2mm /1.5mm or with 2-3mm flange
Color: Steel/ Gunmetal/Gold/Copper/Black/Rose Gold
installation: Undermount/Flushmount/Topmount
Conner Radius: R0 / R10 / R15
Accessoires Faucet,Bottom Grid, Colander, Roll up rack, Basket strainer
(The same color as the sink:)

Thickness Selection

The sink is made of 304 stainless steel. The surface of the sink is hard and not easy to scratch. It has good corrosion resistance. The sink is shiny and not easy to change color.We have different plate thicknesses for you to choose


PVD Color Pptions

The color choices of PVD sinks include deep gold sinks, light gold sinks, rose gold sinks, black sinks, gray sinks, black gray sinks, bronze sinks, brown sinks, etc.



We are a manufacturer of sinks and accessories. We can provide wholesale of whole sinks. You can choose all the relevant accessories you want in our sink factory


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We export to more than 100 countries and connect with many large sink buyers. We have a professional team that can provide all-round services from production to customs declaration and export. We can undertake the production and wholesale of various sinks, and can customize customer logos and sizes.


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