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Are nanosinks durable? Are the nanolayers coated or electroplated?

Kitchen sink is one of the items we can not do without each home decoration, many friends will be entangled between stainless steel sink and nano sink.  So how about a nanosink?  Nanometer sink or stainless steel sink which is good?

How about a nanocoated sink?
Nano-coated sink not only has the advantages of stainless steel sink lightweight, wear-resistant, and the surface of the black stainless steel kitchen sink undermount is easier to manage. Usually cooking oil only need to wipe gently can be very clean.
Nanometer sink disadvantages: compared with the general stainless steel sink, the cost of nano-coated sink is higher, and the price is higher, so you should consider the budget when purchasing.

Nanometer sink and stainless steel sink difference
The so-called nano sink is developed on the basis of stainless steel sinks, and the basic material of both sinks is stainless steel. The double bowl undermount sink is based on the stainless steel sink to add nano-coating. The sink also has the advantages of stainless steel light and strong, and the advantages of nano-material anti-oil and scratch resistance.

The so-called nano sink is actually attached to the stainless steel sink with a protective nano antibacterial coating, which is usually made by electroplating process and is very durable. Here are a few ways to choose a nanotank for reference:

1. Use your fingernails to scratch the surface of the nano sink repeatedly to see if there will be obvious scratches. In general, the surface of the high-quality nanosink is very wear-resistant and not easy to be scratched.

2, nano sink is generally divided into single sink and two bowl undermount kitchen sink, single sink space is large, easy to operate, there is no pressure to brush the pot, but can not wash two kinds of things at the same time, low efficiency; double bowl undermount sink can be used for division of labor, washing the pot while washing dishes, more flexible, but the sink small, it is recommended that small kitchen choose a single sink, large kitchen choose 30 undermount sink, cooking efficiency is higher.

3, check whether the surface of the nano sink is smooth, the color is uniform, and the edge of the sink is vertical, etc. If there are defects in the appearance, it is not recommended to buy. In short, nanosinks are the trend of the future and will become the first choice for more and more families.


Post time: Dec-15-2023