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How to choose the right undermount kitchen sink

We all know that the undermount sink has many advantages, both beautiful and easy to clean, but the sink has many styles, how do we choose?
First, sink material
Stainless steel sink
Granite/quartzite gutter sink
Stainless steel sinks and granite sinks are the two most common types of kitchen sinks. I made a simple comparison between the two sinks:
Granite sink: environmental protection, high temperature resistance, wear-resistant and durable, but the price is relatively expensive, and relatively heavy, and the basin under the installation is easy to fall off.
Stainless steel sink: durable good clean, and cheap, a few years ago, stainless steel sink color is single, these two years with the update of technology, pvd nano kitchen sink to make up for this shortcoming, especially the black stainless steel kitchen sink undermount is widely popular in the market.

Second, the bowl number of sinks (styles)

Single sink
Large single sink, the sink is spacious, the POTS and pans are thrown into the pressure, it is quite friendly to the dishwasher. However, the large single sink also costs more water. In addition, if you want to install a garbage disposal, it is best not to choose a single sink. When the waste disposal is not used, domestic waste water also has to flow through the waste disposal, which will affect the life of the waste disposal.

double sink
double bowl undermount sink most common, but also the most practical, is a larger sink and a slightly smaller auxiliary sink. The larger sink is mainly used for washing kitchen utensils, and the auxiliary sink is mainly used for washing melons, fruits and vegetables.

Functional sink
It’s got to be a big kitchen if it’s Functional sink, it is also very convenient to use the multi-slot, especially the two bowl undermount kitchen sink with drain board, and the functions of draining and thawing on the basis of the double bowl undermount sink.


So how do you determine the right number of sinks for your home? You can refer to the following three aspects:

1. Choose according to the reserved sink length

The reserved sink length is less than 75cm, it is best to choose a single sink. Wash the POTS and pans, no matter how many piles. The small sink on the right is rarely used, and the slightly larger sink on the left is inconvenient for cleaning large objects such as wok.

If the length of the reserved sink is greater than 75cm, single and double slots can be used. Choose a double slot, preferably 30 undermount sink.

2, according to the length of the table

Table length is less than 3 M, it is best to choose a combination of single sink + drain basket. Greater than 3 M, single slot and handmade double kitchen sink can be used.

3, according to the house type selection

single bowl undermount kitchen sink for small units and two bowl undermount kitchen sink or function sink for large units.

Post time: Dec-08-2023