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Unlocking the Benefits of Undermount Sinks: Mastering the Art of Installation

When home decoration, generally choose the kitchen sink. As at the present stage, the kitchen sink is divided into three types according to its installation position, which are the topmount sink, the platform sink and the undermount sink. And each installation method, its fixed way is not the same. At this stage, the undermount sink is still relatively popular. But the undermount sink has one of the biggest fatal defects, is easy to fall off. Especially the double bowl undermount sink, Because the two bowl undermount kitchen sink is generally larger in size, it is relatively heavier,Therefore, the requirements for installation and fixing of the basin are very high. Today, Dexing kitchen and bathroom to answer the question of how to fix the undermount kitchen sink.
① Material selection must be correct. Because we need to fix the corresponding material is different, if the material is different, the wrong fixing method may not play an effective effect. So we first to determine the material, the recommendation for you is that we can consider choosing stainless steel, because stainless steel sink is easy to fix, and more firm. For the table, it is recommended that you choose quartz stone. Because the fixation between quartz stone and stainless steel is very strong. If you choose a rock slab, you must consider a special fixation method.
② Basically fixed. The so-called basic fixing is the simplest method of fixing the sink, and it is also the most common method of fixing. Whether we install the undermount sink or not to take a special fixing method, the basic fixing method is inevitable. The conventional method is to use glass glue and marble glue. Marble glue is where it meets the SLATE at the bottom of the sink. That is, the joint of the sink and the SLATE, it is recommended that you play marble glue. In this way, the sink and the countertop can be glued with marble glue, so that basic fixation can be achieved. Then around the perimeter, we put a circle of glass glue, so that the sink is basically fixed under our countertop.
③ Basin reinforcement measures. The most common method is to paste stone strips under the table to ensure that the table is load-bearing. The sink is installed at the bottom and reinforced with stone strips. For example, the bottom of the table is a 7-shaped stone bar or a 1-shaped stone bar, and the hook design is made so that the weight is divided. At the same time, the problem of unstable reinforcement can be solved. In fact, for the stone bar, it is recommended that you can also use marble glue or special stone glue to fix it under our sink. In this way, the stone bar can be used to support the weight of the tank.
④ Install metal brackets. The use of metal bearing brackets to carry the weight of our sink itself is the most reliable and reliable solution to avoid the situation that the sink paste is not firmly falling off. This is usually the case with some particularly large sinks. If we are worried that the sink will not stick well and will fall off later, then we install metal brackets under it. For example, the most common is that we can choose a 7-digit bracket, or a 1-digit bracket, and install the bracket in the cabinet under the sink. After the sink is installed, use a bracket as a support so that all the weight falls on the bracket. This is done from another aspect of security.

Matters needing attention

After the installation of the 30 undermount sink, do not use it immediately, but also take certain protective measures to protect it. That is to say, after the sink is fixed, it should be allowed to sit naturally for a period of time, rather than being used immediately. Immediate use may cause the adhesive to be disturbed and shake, and eventually the sink may fall off.

② After the installation of the sink, we must remember to clean it in time. For example, we need to clean the countertop and clean the inside of the sink. Do not let the glue remain, because the glue remains on the top, if the time is long, it is difficult to clean up later.

In the undermount sink, you can consider the two bowl undermount kitchen sink, especially the black stainless steel kitchen sink undermount popular this year, which is especially textured and adds artistic beauty to the kitchen


Post time: Dec-06-2023