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Why stainless steel sinks rust

We all know that the kitchen sink generally uses ss304 stainless steel as the material, that is not to think that the sink will not rust, what is the real situation, let’s listen to Dexing kitchen and bathroom technicians how to say

Stainless steel is first of all a kind of material that is not easy to rust, but there are also some situations that will lead to the surface of this material rust removal float rust, such as

a. Water quality, the impact of the special environment around the sink (such as: ground Locally occurring rust).

b. Different materials of stainless steel, its rust resistance and corrosion resistance There are different differences.

c. Stainless steel surface of carbon steel, spatter and other impurities, resulting in decay Biochemical corrosion or electrochemistry in the presence of an etching medium Corrosion and rust.

Conditions that induce rust in stainless steel sinks

a. The new house is decorated, and there are iron filings and rusty water in the pipes Impurities stick to the surface of the steel basin and do not wash off in time, will come out Rust spots appear.

b. The iron material placed in the sink for a long time will cause rust.

c. Spray or residue of paint/limewater/chemicals used in the decoration process, causing local corrosion.

d. Corrosion of metal surface of organic juice (such as melons, vegetables, noodle soup, sputum, etc.) for a long time. (Rust spots caused by not timely cleaning the dirt in the sink).

e. Not cleaned in time after handling acids, bleach, cleaning agents that contain a strong abrasive substance, or substances containing iron (metal ware, wire brush, etc.).

f. The chemical composition of the atmosphere causes chemical corrosion on the surface of the metal, and this rust is lumpy.

Through the above understanding, what should we pay attention to in the daily use of the sink? Next week we will introduce the maintenance and use of stainless steel sink in detail, thank you for your attention, wish you a happy life!

Post time: Apr-09-2023